Can we create anymore?

The Glass Bead Game

The Glass Bead Game (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


One of my favorite books is “The Glass Bead Game” by Herman Hesse.  I can only really describe it as cultural science fiction. The people in the future don’t really create culture anymore, they just manipulate it put it together using the bead game. It’s not a terrible future, but there is something sad about it.  In many ways it seems like this the way that things are going.


I was looking for a film to watch the other day and all I could really find were remakes of older films. It’s not even just remakes, now it’s remakes of remakes.”Spiderman” is good example. Having just finishing remaking the film with Toby Maguire, they’ve started again remaking the remakes with a new actor.


It’s not just straight remakes either. There are plenty of books and stories that are little more than retellings of the same tale with a different name.  I think I remember Steven King pointing out that authors like Terry Brooks are not really making their own new work, they’re just trying to rewrite the works of Tolkien that they love.


It does make me wonder, are we gradually losing the ability to create? Will we be left with only the glass bead game?





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7 responses to “Can we create anymore?

  1. I think that we’re probably all out of original ideas. Sure, there may be some seemingly unique plots out there, but for the most part we’re all just borrowing and reworking ideas that already exist.

    • So do you think that’s a good thing or a bad thing?

      • It’s debatable, but mostly I think it’s a bad thing. Unless someone can completely rework an idea, we’d be stuck with the same cliched plot lines over and over again. =[

      • We have been stuck with the same plot lines since the invention of literature… Revenge, love triangle, romance etc — not buying this argument in the slightest. And, people were consuming thousands of comic books with exactly the same plot lines at their heyday — and now movies are making said comic books into movies.

  2. That’s a valid point as well. Though to be fair, the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films weren’t remakes of anything, that was the first time that the character had been done as a movie format, to varying degrees of success.

    • Oh wow, comments! I don’t usually get those. Sorry might be mistaken. I vaguely remember watching spider man films a kid. Might have been something else though, maybe a TV show or something. There was defiantly a non animate spiderman climbing buildings.

  3. I disagree — this is such a narrow look at the film industry…. Hollywood has always adapted works — books etc. Just look at indie films like Upstream Color (this year) etc. There are tons of new things — the lens of time tends to winnow out the crap — so, in 10 years you’ll look back at this era and what was new and original will stand out as well………

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