Chris McKenna

Blogging about whatever I feel like really, but the main themes will be:

+ Writing

+ Teaching

+ Philosophy

+ Politics

+ Travel


About me: I’m a writer with a few books to my name: Paradigms, Bardo, the truth about faeries. There are also some short stories and articles out there as well somewhere. However, I can’t say I make enough from writing to pay the rent yet.

For cash I work as an ESL teacher. At the moment I’m in Indonesia but I’ve worked all over Asia and before the I worked as a programmer in Europe. Needless to say as a computer science graduate I am also a total geek.





7 responses to “Chris McKenna

  1. Haha! First comment on your about page!
    Thanks for the like on my blog post! I hope you’ll keep reading. πŸ˜€

  2. Hi Chris, and thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope the ESL work is going well – seems like you’re having an interesting time!

  3. Hi Chris – read a couple of your posts and was going to comment but ‘comments closed’ (you asked a question in each though?)..

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